• National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) was founded in 1951 with a view to promote and popularize the shooting sports in India. The first speaker of Lok Sabha,Sh. G.V.Mavlankar was the founder and the first president of NRAI followed by Sh.Govind Vallabh Pant, Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sh. Y. B. Chauhan, Sh.G.S. Dhillon, Sh. Joginder Singh, and so on and so forth. Presently the president of NRAI is Shri. Raninder Singh, a very keen and skilled shooter from Patiala Royal Family.
  • Shooting (Hunting) in medieval times originated as a means of survival, as it was practiced to hunt animals and birds to supplement food requirement. As a result of Industrial Revolution and increased agricultural output, hunting for food became less necessary. However, affluent people continued to hunt as part of recreation. To preserve Wild Life and put an end to indiscriminate poaching, the Government has almost banned hunting. Some of these people took to target shooting as a sport.
  • Shooting has a varied history in Indian Sport and Society, ranging it from being a sport for Royalty in the past; it is now a major competitive sport among the masses.
  • This sport is extremely popular all over the World.
  • The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) was formed on 17th April 1951 with the aim of development of Shooting Sport in India and to impart training to civilian for self –defense.
  • Shri G.V. Mavlankar was its founder President who was also the first Speaker of Lok Sabha. He was a great visionary and with his untiring efforts and matchless zeal the Association grew from strength to strength. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru called him “Father of the Lok Sabha” so he was also the Father of Shooting Sport in India. The NRAI has the honor of having Shri Govind Ballabh Pant, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, former Primer Minister, Shri Y.B.Chauhan, Home Minister, Shri G.S. Dhillon, Speaker Lok Sabha, Shri Joginder Singh, former Governor of Rajasthan its Presidents, Sardar Sajjan Singh Sethi and Kumar Surendra Singh.
  • The Lok Sabha in 1953 passed a resolution and entrusted NRAI to impart training through its rifle association all over India.
1. Sh. G.V. Mavlankar 17.04.51 11.03.56
2. Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant 21.05.56 06.03.60
3. Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri 08.05.61 10.01.66
4. Sh. Y.B. Chavan 15.05.67 18.08.70
5. Sh. M.K. Kaul 18.08.70 29.12.71
6. Dr. G.S. Dhillon 30.12.71 02.09.74
7. Dr. Jogendra Singh 06.12.74 16.02.79
8. Shri Sajjan Singh Sethi 16.02.79 01.06.85
9. Kumar Surendra Singh 02.06.85 12.01.99
10. Sh. Digvijay Singh 18.03.99 24.6.2010
11. Sh. Raninder Singh 29.12.2010
1. Sh. K.G. Prabhu 17.04.1951 08.09.1959
2. Sh. Jogendra Singh 09.09.1959 08.09.1971
3. Sh. Sajjan Singh Sethi 30.12.1971 17.08.1972
4. Tikka Jagjit Singh Bedi 18.08.1972 29.08.1973
5. Sh. Hardev Singh Kandhari 29.08.1973 21.12.1979
6. Sh. Avtar Singh Sethi 22.12.1979 01.06.1985
7. Sh. Baljit Singh Sethi 02.06.1985 09.01.2010
8. SH. DV Seetharama Rao 06.04.2013
1. Capt. S.J. Dighe 01.02.1959 31.05.1967
2. Maj. J.S. Randhawa 01.06.1967 15.10.1974
3. Sh. M. Banerjee 16.10.1974 31.08.1975
4. Col. Jaswant Singh 01.09.1975 21.06.1983
5. Sh. Sangat Singh 22.06.1983 31.12.1986
6. Sh. Rajiv Bhatia 01.01.1987
1st Indian Shooting
  1. 1st Presidentof National Rifle Association of India – Shri G V Mavlankar
  2. 1st Secretary General of National Rifle Association of India – Shri K G Prabhu
  3. 1st National Shooting Championship Competitions – At Delhi in 1952
  4. 1st All India G V Mavlankar Shooting Championship – At Ahmedabad during 1991.
  5. 1st Inter School Shooting Championship – At Haridwar in 1997
  6. 1st Team was sent abroad during the year 1951 to Bisley, England
  7. 1st Participation in Olympic Games – in XV Olympics 1952 at Helsinki (Finland) by Dr. Harihar Banerjee in Free Rifle 3 position and Prone position events.
  8. 1st Participation in World Championship – 1952 at Oslo
  9. 1st Participation in Asian Games - in 1962 Jakarta, Indonesia
  10. 1st Participationin Commonwealth Games - in 1978 at Edmonton
  11. 1st Participationin SAF Games – 1991 Colombo, Sri Lanka
  12. 1st Participationin World Cup – 1995 Nicosia, Cyprus
  13. 1st Medalin World Championship – In 1962 by H H Dr. Karni Singhji at Cairo, Egypt
  14. 1st Medalin Asian Games – In 1974 Silver medal by H.H. Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhjiat VII Asian Games, Tehran (Iran) in Trap event
  15. 1st Medalin Commonwealth Games – in 1982 team Silver and Bronze medal in Centre Fire Pistol (Ashok Pandit & Mohinder Lal) and Rapid Fire Pistol (Sharad Chauhan& R K Vij) event
  16. 1st Medalin World Cup- in 1997 - Bronze Medal by Mansher Singh in Trap event at NewDelhi.
  17. 1st GoldMedal in Junior Men Category in World Championship – 1994 by Jaspal Rana at Milan in Standard Pistol event.
  18. 1st Medalin Junior Women in World Championship – A Bronze in 2002 by Raj Kumari in Sport Rifle Prone
  19. 1st Gold Medal in Senior Category during World Championship – Abhinav Bindra in AirRifle Men during 2006 at Zagreb
  20. 1st Medal in Olympic Games – in 2004 Silver medal by Major R V S Rathore at Athens Olympic Games in Double Trap event
  21. 1st Gold Medal in Asian Games – in 1978 by Mr. Randhir Singh at Bangkok in Trap event
  22. 1st Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games - in 1990 by Ashok Pandit at Auckland, New Zealandin Centre Fire Pistol event.
  23. 1st Gold Medal in World Cup – in 2003 Anjali Bhagwat at World Cup, Atlanta in Air Rifle Women
  24. 1st Olympic Finalist – Anjali Bhagwat 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Air Rifle
  25. 1st Champion of Champions – 2003 Milan Anjali Bhagwat Air Rifle Women
  26. 1st Arjuna Awardee – H H Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh ji in 1961
  27. 1st Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardee - Mr. Abhinav Bindra in 2001
  28. 1st Padmshree– Shri Jaspal Rana in 2001
  29. 1st Dronacharya Awardee – Prof. Sunny Thomas in 2001
  30. 1st shooter ranked as number 1 in World – Anjali Bhagwat in Air Rifle in the year 2002.
  31. 1st shooter to get earns “Quota Place” for Olympic Games – Mansher Singh during Asian Shooting Championship at Jakarta in 1995 for Atlanta Olympic Games 1996.
  32. 1st Gold Medal in Olympic Games Abhinav Bindra in 2008 at Beijing Olympic Games.